Natrium & cVn


A small guide on how to log into cVn with Natrium:

Step 1: When you go to cVn for the first time (and every 6 months after), you will be met with the text "Set a reward address to chat" in the input-box. Kindly tap or click the blue part of this sentence, for it is a link that will guide you on your way.

Step 2: On the page that follows you will see an empty box with the hint "nano_" inside. This is where you will have to enter your Natrium public Nano address.

Step 3: To do so, open the Natrium app on your device and press the big "Receive" button at the bottom.

Step 4: The button will have brought you to what's shown in the image below. At the top, where the red square is drawn in the example image, it will show you your address, below that is an easy-to-scan QR code with that same address, which can be scanned by other people to send you Nano. Below the QR you will find a big "Copy Address" button. Click that to copy your own Nano address into your clipboard. If you have cVn open on your PC, you will need to send yourself the address so you can select it on your PC and hold the CTRL key while tapping the letter 'C' on your keyboard. There's plenty of dedicated apps to send text from your phone to your PC, but with the very least effort you can also just use Discord or Messenger (or ...) for this, since those can be opened from a PC and your phone simultaneously, allowing you to select and copy (CTRL+C) any text you enter from your phone.

Step 5: Switch back to the browserwindow that holds cVn and if you are doing this on a smartphone, long press the input box that hints "nano_" until the popup menu appears, then tap the "Paste" option. If you are on a PC, you can just hold the CTRL-key again and then tap the letter 'V' to paste any address you managed to copy over from your phone. This will neatly enter your own Nano address into the box as is required and when you see it has done so, click the "Next" button below.

Step 6: On the next screen you will see a Nano address above a QR-code. If you have cVn open on your PC (or at the very least a second device), you can skip this step, cause you will just be able to scan the QR code in Step 10. If you're doing both on the same device, click the small button next to the Nano address to copy that address to your clipboard.
Alternatively, you can also select the Nano address (by holding your finger on it for a few seconds) and select "Copy" from the popup menu that eventually appears.

Step 7: Switch back to Natrium and tap the gear icon that looks like the one depicted below, which should be located on the top left side of your screen. This will open a menu from the left.

Step 8: In this menu, tap "Change Representative". Depending on your screen size and resolution, you might have to scroll down if you don't see it instantly.

Step 9: Then tap the "Manual Entry" button at the very bottom.

Step 10: Now paste the address you have copied from Step 6 into the field that says "Enter New Representative" by either just tapping the icon on the right side in the input field, or again by tapping and holding your finger on it until the popup menu appears that says "Paste", which you then tap to have it enter the address into the field. If you have cVn open on a PC and skipped Step 6, you can just tap the small icon on the left side in the input field, which will open your camera. Point it at the QR shown on cVn and it'll enter the representative for you. When you are done entering the address here, tap the "Change" button below.

Step 11: You will probably already notice the purple-ish button that says "Begin watching", but do not click it just yet! If you look again, you might also notice the text telling you to set the rep for verification has changed into an advising one telling you to now reset your representative back to a reputable one. You could use the one you had if you bothered to save it before you changed it, you can select one from a list with the "Pick From a List" button from Step 9, but if you have no real preference, it would be nice if you could set your representative to our very own cVn Nano-Node. It's the one given in the QR code that cVn shows you at this point, or you could just scan it from the image below too, like, if you ignored the instruction of not yet clicking "Begin watching" and clicked it before you finished reading this block of text anyway. ;p

Step 12: Nów you can click the deliciously purple-ish "Begin watching" button. ;p

Step 13: Now finally (read first and) click away the acknowledgement you will respect and abide by our Guidelines and will not cross any obvious human morals. Always remember that you are in a public place with other people trying to enjoy it too. ;)
Once you acknowledged, just start typing in the input field shown by the red arrow below and just press enter/return to send.

Extra Tip: You can use Discord emoji shortcuts (like :joy: and :rofl: or any other) on cVn. ;)

This tutorial will probably seem a bit patronizing in its over-explaining simple steps, especially for people with prior crypto and Nano experience, but this is done with intent so that anybody could (hopefully) use it with any level (or lack) of experience.

What ever is the case,
I hope this was helpful to you in any way,... but if not: Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom anyway! ;p